4 Simple Steps Employers Can Take to Enhance Morale

Are you one of the 65,000 business across the United Kingdom that are rethinking the way that they operate as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Well, you’re not alone. There are countless businesses that are rethinking the way that they operate and what they need to do to find a new normal that equals high output, as well as increased employee morale.

In 2021, there is a mounting pressure on businesses across the United Kingdom to create spaces that foster positive morale and facilitate a smooth return to work. Here are four simple steps that employees can take to increase morale (and output) in 2021.

  1. Make the Workplace Comfortable

In a year where more employees found comfort in working from their couch or in their bed, there is a renewed emphasis on creating workspaces that are comfortable for employees. One report found that Office Furniture sales had skyrocketed in the first quarter of 2021 as offices look to create comfortable environments.

  • Celebrate Achievements

2020 was defined as a year with minimal human contact and sever isolation – particularly for workers that live alone and rely on the interaction of the office as their daily dose of human contact. In 2021, employers need to find ways to celebrate the achievements of individuals. While it may seem cliché to some, the act of celebrating individual workplace achievements is a great way to bolster morale. Don’t be afraid to tell everyone in a slack channel or over email about the achievements of an individual. It bolsters the morale of everyone (and in particular the individual).

  • Don’t Restrict Working Environment

If there is one thing that employers need to take away from 2020, it is that work can be completed from anywhere. If employee A is more productive from home than they are from the office, then why not let them work there? Employees need to take an individual approach that considers the output, working location, and personal circumstances in defining where individuals work. In 2021, employers must consider the individual when finding a work from home and work from office situation that caters to individual circumstances.

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