5 Ways COVID-19 Changed the Workplace Forever

For many of us, the COVID-19 pandemic has been the most challenging experience of our lives, having an enormous impact on the way we as humans interact. Pre-Coronavirus, you may have been offered some chocolate or a coffee from a co-worker. Now, it wouldn’t be strange to be handed some Antibacterial Wipes Bulk as a courtesy.

Here are 5 ways COVID-19 has changed the workplace forever:

1.    The importance of Health Guidelines in Physical Spaces

Get prepared to be a minimum of 1.5 metres away from your co-worker, or only see certain colleagues once or twice a week, if that. Hygiene is now one of the most important considerations in the modern workplace. Remember to stock up on some hand sanitizer, and only go down elevators if it’s you and a friend.

2.    Working from Home

Whilst working from home may be preferable for some, others can struggle heavily with it. Employers must make sure that their staff are supplied with the adequate technology and supported remotely through these tough times to ensure continued success and collaboration.

3.    Employee Flexibility in Location and Hours

Certain employees may struggle working within the schedule of 9-5 due to having to make sure their kids stay focused during online learning, for example, and thus could work better later at night. Internet troubles are now something that employers will have to deal with all too frequently.

By promoting flexibility within the workplace, a culture of trust and honesty can be fostered, leading to better end results.

4.    Social Isolation

Companies need to ensure that support networks are developed so as to ease the pain of loneliness. Without colleagues around to bounce off and engage with, collective mental health can see a decrease, which will affect performance.

Employers must foster a healthy environment and work with their staff to maintain team identity and ensure continued collaboration across the business.

5.    Growing Importance of Digital Marketing

Marketing professionals will have to focus in on engaging their consumer digitally to ensure continued results. As society has been subjected to spending more time on our screens, the role of the digital marketer has never been more important.

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