Three Ways to Improve Green Practices in 2021

Looking to reduce your personal environmental impact in 2021 but not sure where to start? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. In fact, a recent study found that a whopping 37% of Australians were actively looking for ways that they could reduce their personal environmental impact over the next twelve months.

Sustainable living is an effective way to make a personal impact on the environment. As the old saying goes, if everyone makes an effort, that effort goes a long way. So, to help those looking to make a personal change to the environment in 2021, we have put together a list of three simple steps that you can take to reduce your environmental impact over the next twelve months.

  1. Invest in Sustainable Waste Removal Services

Waste removal is an industry that has been historically plagued by ‘race to the bottom’ companies that are looking for ways to make a quick buck. In 2021, customers expect more from their waste removal companies, and one of those things is an environmental plan. According to one company, the incidence of individuals looking for sustainable Mattress Removal services increased by a whopping 86% in 2020 alone. Going forward, companies have the responsibility to provide waste removal services that have a green emphasis.

  • Start A Veggie Patch

Have you ever looking at the farm to table environmental impact of growing food and transporting it to the end user? A recent study found that major supermarket chains reported that the biggest environmental impact of their operations was getting food from farm to table. Growing a veggie patch or growing your own food (space pending, of course) is a simple, highly effective way to reduce your impact in 2021.

  • Reduce Driving

Do you really need to drive, or could you walk and catch public transport? Yes, this point will not be applicable to those living in remote or rural areas. But for individuals living in built up metro areas, increasing your public transport reliance and reducing driving is an effective way to reduce your footprint in 2021. 

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