Criminal Law vs. Civil Law – Know the Difference

If you’re considering investing in a Criminal Lawyer Townsville, it’s important that you know the difference between criminal law vs civil law. Criminal law is a daunting aspect of the law for many citizens. As leading providers ofcriminal law and civil law in Townsville, Connolly Suthers have put together this guide in understanding criminal law and civil law.

Civil Law

Civil law is concerned with the private relations between community members rather than criminal, military, or religious affairs. It is mainly based on helping two individual parties come to a mutual agreement and offer a solution. It often requires the assistance of a neutral third party to help each side come to an agreement. Family law is a common aspect of civil law. Rather than prosecution, it helps individuals come to a mutually beneficial arrangement or agreement.

Criminal Law

Our society operates on a respect and mutual trust as we work together towards the greater good. This is governed by rules and regulation, or the law. However, some people goes against this trust though criminal activity and are prosecuted in the court of law because of this. Civil law breaches include murder, theft, rape amongst many other allegation. Punishment through prosecution or jail time occurs a member or members of society break and violate this mutual trust of this system.

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