How Civil Law Differs from Family Law

The law is a daunting and confusing space for many. Family Lawyers Townsville are here to set the record straight and clear up any uncertainty on how civil law differs from family law. Although family law is a branch of civil law, there are some key differences between the two that are important to consider.

Civil Law

Civil law is a general way to describe various branches of law that involve civil breaches or crimes. For example, criminal law is a brand of civil law that is based on the ideal that society operates on a system of mutual trust. Anyone who commits a crime that breaches that system of trust are considered criminals in the court of law and will be prosecuted. Crimes that are committed in criminal law can be as minimal as shoplifting or as severe as a violent outburst. It breaches the idea of mutual respect for other humans and society as a whole.

Family Law

On the other hand, family law deals specifically with family disputes. Family law is another branch of civil law, although it is very different to the branch of something like criminal law. Rather than focusing on persecuting an individual for a breach of societal rules, family law focusses on coming to mutually beneficial agreements between family members.

Family law is typically required after a relationship breakdown which causes two parties to not be able to see eye to eye. It requires the assistance of a third party with a neutral stance on the matter to help them come to agreements. Family law can encompass a wide range of issues, such as divorce, child custody and property settlements. The aim of family law is to aid both parties in coming to a fair agreement regarding the division of assets.

Seeking legal assistance to resolve family disputes is never a pleasant thing to do, however in many cases, it is necessary. If you are considering legal representation, be sure to do your research in the best solicitors that are available for you to get. At Connolly Suthers, our legal team are more than happy to take your call and provide advice so you don’t have to brave the process alone.

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