Things You Need to Know about Studying Medicine in Singapore


Normally, students choose biology as their subject mainly because they have strong intentions to study medicine in future. And for thousands of students of biology, studying medicine in Singapore is their dream. The eye catching views and enchanting beauty of Singapore invites students to study there and enjoy the beauty of nature. Besides, according to a survey, medicine is the second most valuable degree to pursue in Singapore. There are best institutes of medicine in Singapore which invites international students every year to apply and get admission there on merit. Students who are interested to get admission in Singapore have many questions in mind regarding the admission procedures. But thanks to the advanced technology, every piece of information is accessible easily. You can get information about studying medicine in Singapore from some specialized article or professional software.

Why Study Medicine in Singapore?

Students are attracted towards Singapore due to some of its prominent features. For example, there is very low crime rate in Singapore, high standards of living, ideal environment for international students, best residential facilities for students, and natural beauty. According to educational point of view, Singapore has best universities which offer almost every course, the choice depends on students. Another benefit of choosing Singapore to study medicine is that the living expenses are affordable and institutes also offer different scholarship programs for international students. So many students prefer to study medicine in Singapore because they will not have to complete any language course (like in some other countries), if student knows English, he/she will not face any language barrier. There are many cultures prevailing in Singapore so student belonging to any culture will not feel lonely there. What’s more, education quality is high in Singapore, it means that the degree will be acceptable and preferred anywhere in the world.

Top Medicine Schools in Singapore

There are some reputable institutes of medicines in Singapore, including:

  • Academy of Medicine, Singapore
  • Johns Hopkins International medical center, Singapore
  • Singapore Eye Research institute
  • SGH postgraduate medical institute
  • Yong Loo Lin School of medicine
  • Duke-NUS graduate medical School Singapore

Duke-NUS graduate medical School Singapore is the highest ranked medical school of Asia. It is 23rd best medical school of the world. Other medical institutes (mentioned above) also come under the category of best medical schools of the world. Supposed that you want to know more medicine schools in Singapore, you can use course search tool like CatEight’s Course Finder to do a quick search.

How to Study Medicine in Singapore (How to Get Admission)

Advanced technology has made many things easy so students who are seeking admission in any institute of medicine in Singapore, have nothing to worry about. There are many useful applications and software which are acting as guides for students. CatEight is the number one platform which has vast database of courses and institutes offering these courses. Students who are interested to study medicine in Singapore can simply take the help of CatEight to search and apply for admission. For further details, click on CatEight.

Different options are highlighted for student’s facility because CatEight has user-friendly interface.

How to apply using CatEight

Before applying, you should be clear about your subjects. To do that, please click on Course Finder. For medicine, you just have to put related data in the search bars, like add education level, country of your choice and qualification etc. See the example below:

You will have a list of related courses, institutes and their fee range. Select the one according to your choice and start the application procedure by clicking on Course Application. A page will appear where you have to fill your credentials to continue the application procedure.

After completing the application procedure, wait for the response email. Hope for the best, if you receive positive message regarding your admission, you can continue with CatEight and click on Visa Application to complete the visa procedure. Make yourself comfortable that you will not have any difficulty regarding application form and Visa form because CatEight will guide you throughout the process.

For visa application, you have to fill the form shown above. Then wait for the response.


Studying medicine in Singapore is a dream of many students, so if you are the one who is getting opportunity, avail quickly. Apply through CatEight to avoid any confusion and difficulty. 

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